16 Septembrie 2008

Private pension funds sell shares and buy bonds

Private pension funds, both mandatory (2nd pillar) and voluntary (3rd pillar), reduced their exposure to shares in August and bought more bonds, reveals data from the Private Pensions Supervisory

26 August 2008

BT Aegon si Grawe Pension Services au fost sanctionate de CSSPP

Fondul de pensii BT Aegon si brokerul de pensii private Grawe Pension Services au fost sanctionate de Comisia de Supraveghere a Sistemului de Pensii Private (CSSPP) cu avertisment scris,

18 August 2008

Former private pension CEO speaks out

One of the eight private pension firm CEOs who lost or gave up their positions less than one year since the start of the system has agreed to speak

08 August 2008

Voluntary pension funds win over another 7,000 clients

July was a weaker month for voluntary pension funds compared to June, when the number of clients went up by 22,400- the highest monthly rise so far. Voluntary pension

24 Iunie 2008

Private pension funds collect 17% more in June

The average contribution per participant went up to 8.59 euros, compared with 7.55 euros last month. The number of empty accounts was down from 961,000 to 877,000 last month.

06 Iunie 2008

The 1,000-euro monthly pension?

An employee has to contribute at least 100 euros each month to a voluntary pension fund in order to receive a monthly pension worth 1,000 euros, both in the